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La Mesa AYSO Region 89
10U thru 19U Core Volunteer Referee Points Program

All Teams, levels 10U and above, must produce volunteer referees who accrue a total of 40 points for their team. Failure to accrue 40 points may result in teams not being eligible for participation in Area V Invitational Tournaments.

Volunteer referees earn points by:
(1) being trained, certified, uniformed, and associated with a team;

(2)signing up for matches in the Area scheduler;

(3) centering matches for 4 points each; assistant refereeing 10U or 12U matches for 2 points each; assistant refereeing 14U matches for 3 points each; assistant refereeing 16 or 19U matches for 4 points each;

NOTE:  A team of 3 volunteers on a U10/U12 match can earn 8 total points per game.  if this crew of 3 work just 5 games over the course of a season they'd earn the 40 points AND would only need to work two games per month.   The key is to get a crew of 3 volunteer referees.

(4) participating in the Mount Helix Labor Day Classic in a mentoring session (either as mentee or mentor); three matches at any level or role = 7 points

New volunteer referees also can earn Bonus points. Up to 12 points may be Bonus points. Points are earned after a new Referee center referees his or her second match (6 points).

The following Requirements have been put in place to ensure the integrity of the point system.

• Referees should volunteer to officiate La Mesa matches in the proper division for their level of training. Referees should not center matches for teams on which they have family, or teams they are coaching.

• Referees should sign up for matches in the Area scheduler website in advance of matches. To receive points, Referees must be uniformed.

• Coaches and Team Parents are the main recruiters for the point system.

• The Regional Referee Administrator (RRA) is responsible for tracking and reporting points to all stakeholders and participants.

• Referees must be identified, assigned to teams, and actively accruing points by September 25. Referees may not be assigned to teams to accrue points after this date.

• La Mesa will offer no new trainings after September 25. All referees must be certified and approved by the RRA before signing up for matches.

- In the absence of an assistant referee the Region may ask parents or siblings to serve as a "Club's Linesman".  NOTE Club's Linesman DO NOT earn points.   Points must be obtained by certified referee in uniform.

Purpose of the Point Program
The AYSO program is entirely based on the participation of volunteers including parents, Coaches, and Referees. The Volunteer Referee Points program is designed to ensure matches are conducted in a Fair, Safe and Fun manner with increased participation of parent and youth volunteers. The goal of this program is to recruit volunteers and distribute officiating responsibilities to new and returning referees from all participating teams. 

Key Elements
1. Each team, 10U to 19U, should supply volunteer referees to participate in the points program. Coaches and Team Parents are responsible for recruiting these volunteers. Referees must be identified, assigned to teams, and active by September 25.

2. Recruited volunteer referees, 10U to 19U, must fulfill the minimum number of points by end of season.

3. If the team volunteer referees do not meet the minimum requirement for points, the team may not be allowed to participate in Area V Invitational Tournaments.

Participation Requirements
The following requirements apply:
• Teams must accrue 30 points by the last match of regular Fall Season.

• It is the responsibility of the Coach to inform the RRA of Referees accruing points for his or her team. A points spreadsheet will be maintained by the RRA and shared bimonthly with coaches, referees, and Regional board members.

• Teams must identify their participating referee by September 25, and referees must be trained and actively accruing points by that date.

• Teams must earn a minimum of 4 points each month of the regular season (September, October, November) so Referees are available throughout the entire regular season.

• A team may have multiple volunteers; however, a single volunteer cannot accrue points for multiple teams unless the volunteer has relatives on all teams.

• All Referees must be trained, AYSO-Certified (of any level), whose credentials have been vetted and approved by the Regional Referee Administrator (RRA).

• A referee must be in uniform for a match to count toward team points. Note: The only exception to this rule is if there is not full coverage and the July 26, 2019 La Mesa Referee Point System Referee agrees to officiate at the last minute, so long as he or she is not related to a Coach or team member of either team.

• Volunteers must sign up for matches in the Area scheduler website. This will be the account of record for participation in the point system. If a referee signs up late for a match, he or she will update the Area schedule the same day, so points may be properly tracked.

• Unless specifically approved by the Referee Administrator, Referees shall not volunteer for or be assigned to officiate games involving any team they are coaching or for which children, siblings or other relatives play.

• It is not recommended for Coaches to be their team referee. If they do, they shall not Referee matches in their own Division (i.e. Boys U10, Girls U12, etc.)

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